Sweet Potato Burgers and Mint Dressing

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fiber. They contain an array of vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, selenium, B Complex vitamins and vitamin C. One of the key nutritional benefits of sweet potato is that they're high in an antioxidant known as beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A once consumed.

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    Whole-wheat Burger Buns 1.0 Unit(s)

    Whole-wheat Burger Buns

    Crème Fraiche 38.0 grams

    Crème Fraiche

    Red Onion 25.0 grams

    Red Onion

    Tomato 65.0 grams


    Garlic 2.0 grams


    Iceberg Lettuce 38.0 grams

    Iceberg Lettuce

    Lemon 20.0 grams


    Mint Leaves 5.0 grams

    Mint Leaves

    Sweet Potato Burger Patties 1.0 Unit(s)

    Sweet Potato Burger Patties

    • Time : 15.0 mins
    • |
    • Calories: 499.0 kcal
    • |
    • Protein : 13.0 g
    • |
    • Fat : 17.0 g
    • |
    • Carb. : 78.0 g
    Mise en Place
    Wash and cut your vegetables as follows:

    Tomatoes: Slice them (think / thick up to you)
    Lettuce: shred fine
    Onion: Slice it thin
    Garlic: peel and mince
    Lemon: juice and zest
    Mint: cut finely
    Burger buns: cut them in half horizontally. Leave the halves slightly attached to each other, if you can.
    Grill the Burger
    Heat a pan on medium heat and then add 1tbsp of oil. Spread the oil around the pan. Place the patties on to the pan and cook them on a medium flam for about 3 minutes and them flip the over and cook for another 2-3 minutes until both sides are nicely browned.

    If you have the time and the inclination, gently toast your burger buns. And then proceed to building your burger.
    Prepare Mint Dressing
    To make the dressing, combine; crème fraiche, olive oil, salt, pepper, mint, garlic, lemon zest and juice.
    Assemble and Serve
    Put some mint dressing on both sides of the bun. Start with the lettuce then top with a slice of tomato, the burger patty and finally the onion on top.