Grilled Skirt Steak & Vegetables in Harissa

Harissa is an African spice that adds incredible flavor to a number of different foods while also providing important health benefits. Spices in harissa can boost your metabolism but to the heat generation which in turn help burn calories.

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    Harissa Chili Paste 6.0 grams

    Harissa Chili Paste

    Garlic 6.0 grams


    Green  Zucchini 35.0 grams

    Green Zucchini

    Aubergine 65.0 grams


    Red Bell Pepper 65.0 grams

    Red Bell Pepper

    Lemon 25.0 grams


    Flat Leaf Parsley 3.0 grams

    Flat Leaf Parsley

    Skirt Steak 125.0 grams

    Skirt Steak

    • Time : 30.0 mins
    • |
    • Calories: 423.0 kcal
    • |
    • Protein : 35.0 g
    • |
    • Fat : 26.0 g
    • |
    • Carb. : 13.0 g
    Mise en Place
    Prepare the ingredients as follows:

    Marinate the steak in some harissa for at least 10-15 minutes. Season just before grilling
    Red Peppers: wash, dry and cut into small dices
    Aubergine; wash, dry and cut into small dices
    Garlic; peel and mince
    Zuchinni; wash, dry and cut into small dices
    Parsley, Flat Leaf; wash, dry and rough chop
    Lemon; grate the zest and extract the juices.
    Grill the Vegetables
    Heat some olive oil in a pan and add some garlic to infuse. Then toss in the aubergine, keep frying for around 5-10 minutes. Then add in the red peppers, zucchini and continue cooking for around 5 more minutes, add the some of the leftover harissa if you’d like.

    Put in a salad bowl and leave it cool for a few minutes before dressing it with the parsley, coriander, lemon zest, juice and preserved lemon.
    Grill the steaks
    Heat some more oil on a pan or grill. Once it’s hot enough, cook the steaks for around a minute or 3-4 on each side. Take them off the pan and let them rest for 5-10 minutes before serving.

    Once the steaks are ready, dinner is served !