Mexican Style Prawns with Guacamole & Arugula Salad

Half an avocado contains 3.4 grams of fibre, which your body needs to keep the digestive system running smoothly. Soluble fibre slows the breakdown of carbohydrates in your body, helping you feel full for longer i.e. increased satiety value.

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    Red Onion 25.0 grams

    Red Onion

    Garlic 3.0 grams


    Avocado 45.0 grams


    Arugula 35.0 grams


    Serrano Chiles 5.0 grams

    Serrano Chiles

    Lemon 5.0 grams


    Coriander 5.0 grams


    Mexican Spice Mix by Let's Cook 5.0 grams

    Mexican Spice Mix by Let's Cook

    Prawns 175.0 grams


    • Time : 30.0 mins
    • |
    • Calories: 275.0 kcal
    • |
    • Protein : 38.0 g
    • |
    • Fat : 9.0 g
    • |
    • Carb. : 11.0 g
    : Your Kitchen Essentials
    Utensils: Pan | Mixing bowl |
    Pantry: Salt | Pepper | Your preferred cooking oil | Extra virgin Olive Oil |
    : Prepare the Vegetables
    Wash and dry the vegetables prior to chopping (as required):
    - Avocados: split in half, remove the stone
    - Serrano Chilies: split in half and remove the seeds
    - Red Onion: peel and dice fine
    - Lemon: wash, cut in half and squeeze the juice, discard the seeds
    - Coriander: chop
    - Garlic: peel and mince
    - Arugula: just wash and dry.
    : Grill the Prawns
    Heat some oil in a pan. Season the prawns with the Mexican spice mix provided, salt and pepper. Grill the prawns for around 2-3 minutes on each side or until it is cooked through.
    : Make the Guacamole and the Salad, Plate and Serve
    In a mixing bowl; Scoop out the avocado flesh into a bowl. Mash it with a fork. Add the : onions, serrano chilies, coriander, garlic, salt & pepper, lemon juice and mix well.

    Dress the arugula leaves with some extra virgin olive oil. Season the leaves just before serving.

    Plate and Serve:
    Serve the grilled prawns with guacamole and salad on the side.