Sambal Chicken and Rice

Sambal is a spicy, chili-based sauce or relish that is popular in many countries across Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia and Malaysia. Traditional sambals are freshly made using traditional tools, such as a stone pestle and mortar.

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    Jasmine Rice 50.0 grams

    Jasmine Rice

    Light Soya Sauce 5.0 ml

    Light Soya Sauce

    Snow Peas 50.0 grams

    Snow Peas

    Spring Onions 10.0 grams

    Spring Onions

    Ginger 10.0 grams


    Garlic Cloves 1.0 Unit(s)

    Garlic Cloves

    Red Bell Pepper 1.0 Unit(s)

    Red Bell Pepper

    Bean Sprouts 20.0 grams

    Bean Sprouts

    Broccoli 50.0 grams


    Lime 1.0 Unit(s)


    Chili Jam by Let's Cook 15.0 grams

    Chili Jam by Let's Cook

    Chicken Breast 150.0 grams

    Chicken Breast

    • Time : 20.0 mins
    • |
    • Calories: 477.0 kcal
    • |
    • Protein : 42.0 g
    • |
    • Fat : 7.0 g
    • |
    • Carb. : 62.0 g
    : Your Kitchen Essentials
    Utensils: Frying Pan or Wok | Pot to boil the Rice |
    Pantry: Salt | Pepper | Your preferred cooking oil |
    : Prepare the Ingredients
    Keep the chicken out of the fridge 15 minutes before cooking to bring it to room temperature.

    Wash and dry the vegetables prior to chopping (as required):
    - Snow Peas: trim the ends and string
    - Ginger and Garlic: peel and mince
    - Red Bell Pepper: dice
    - Broccoli: cut in medium sized florets
    - Spring Onions: slice finely
    - Lime: cut and juice.

    Chicken: cut into cubes and marinate it in, lime juice, some light soya sauce and some of the chili jam (sambal).
    : Boil the Rice
    You'll need about 2ml of water for every 1g of rice. Make sure you rinse the rice out before cooking. Ideally soak the rice for 15 minutes before boiling. Put in the rice in the pot. Then add the water and a pinch of salt. Bring the rice to a boil and then cover it with a lid. Lower the heat to a simmer and let it simmer for about 15 minutes or until all the water has been absorbed and rice is cooked.
    : Stir Fry, Plate and Serve
    Heat your frying pan or wok. Once it's hot add the cooking oil and make sure it coats the entire pan, remove any excess oil. Then stir fry the chicken. Keep the heat high and keep tossing the chicken. Once the chicken is about half way cooked and has a nice colour on the outside, set it aside.

    Add more oil to the pan / wok. Start by frying ginger and garlic. Add the broccoli, let it caramelise slightly before adding the snow peas. Sprinkle some water. The steam will help cook the broccoli and snowpeas. Once the water evaporates add remaining light soy sauce. Add the bell peppers, stir fry for a minute before adding the rest of the chili jam and return the chicken to the wok / pan. As soon as the chicken is cooked through, turn off the heat and toss in the bean sprouts. Toss well. Check the seasoning.

    Plate and Serve:
    Plate the stir fry, garnish with chopped spring onions and serve with hot rice.