Shakshuka with Chicken Liver

Chicken liver is loaded with iron to give you energy and a treasure of certain B vitamins, especially B12. This nutritional profile makes them a good choice for anyone prone to anemia or are already suffering the condition.

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    9" White Baguette 1.0 Unit(s)

    9" White Baguette

    Eggs 2.0 Unit(s)


    Red Onion 10.0 grams

    Red Onion

    Garlic 3.0 grams


    Cumin Powder 0.5 grams

    Cumin Powder

    Chili flakes 0.5 grams

    Chili flakes

    Coriander Powder 0.5 grams

    Coriander Powder

    Sweet Paprika 0.5 grams

    Sweet Paprika

    Peeled Tomatoes 40.0 grams

    Peeled Tomatoes

    Chicken Liver 50.0 grams

    Chicken Liver

    • Time : 30.0 mins
    • |
    • Calories: 436.0 kcal
    • |
    • Protein : 26.0 g
    • |
    • Fat : 17.0 g
    • |
    • Carb. : 44.0 g
    Your Pantry Essentials
    A pan
    Your preferred cooking oil
    Salt and Pepper.
    Prepare your Ingredients
    Preheat your oven to 180°C.

    Red Onion: peel and slice fine
    Garlic: peel and mince
    Chicken Liver: cut into small cubes.
    Sauté Onion, Garlic and Chicken Liver
    Heat some oil in a pan. Once the pan is hot enough, start sautéing the onions and garlic. Once they translucent, sauté the chicken liver and spices (cumin powder, coriander powder, chili flakes, sweet paprika). Sauté for 2-3 minutes.

    Add the peeled tomatoes and then allow the mixture to cook for 10 minutes on a gentle simmer. Check the seasoning.
    Put in a Casserole
    Put the chicken liver mixture into a casserole. Crack the egg(s) on top of it. Bake in the oven for around 10 minutes or until the egg is cooked to your liking.

    Alternatively if do not have an oven, crack the egg(s) over the same pan with the chicken liver mixture. Simply cover the pan and let eggs cooks for around 10 minutes on a gentle heat.

    Once cooked, warm the baguette and serve with the shakshuka.