Founded by Abhijit Rajwade, Let's Cook is the result of an inspiring conversation about good wholesome food with a close friend, who had experienced a subscription based ready to cook meal delivery service in the United States.

After a thorough and detailed market study and business model analysis; he was convinced of the UAE’s readiness to accept this concept. And thus, he put his brainchild in motion and brought his love of healthy, hearty and home cooked meals to the busy, hardworking people of Dubai.

Taking the model several steps further, Abhijit envisioned a company that could cater to people’s daily dining experiences. From the amateur home chef to the busy worker who has no time to plan and cook; Abhijit wanted to create a service that would ease access to good quality wholesome meals for everyone.  

Mission and Vision  

At Let’s Cook, our mission is to continuously improve the quality of our offerings, both in taste and variety, and to strengthen our existing partnerships with clients and suppliers to help us continue sourcing the highest quality ingredients for our ever-growing customer base. Customer experience is at the heart of our business model, and we aim to incorporate all valuable customer feedback into the menus we create. Hygiene and work safety are of the utmost importance in the Let’s Cook kitchen, and this is reflected in the high, standardized quality of every meal prep box we deliver. 

By achieving the objectives set out in our mission, our vision is to grow and position ourselves as the go to meal delivery and food retail company in the Middle East Region. Our unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, and investment into research and development of new and exciting menu options helps us continue to capture the attention of the market and realize our vision. 

Meal subscriptions

Meal plans are our primary retail product. Our market research indicates that ready to cook meal kits are steadily growing in popularity amongst amateur home chefs and people who want the pleasure of home cooked healthy food without the hassle of pre-planning and purchasing. 

At Let’s Cook, we deliver convenience in a box. All your ingredients are correctly portioned and packaged, allowing you to replicate restaurant quality meals in the comfort for your own home. Why spend your evenings worrying about what’s left in the refrigerator and planning a grocery shop trip, when instead, with the simple click of a button, you can access the Let’s Cook website and choose from a wide range of meal options with every step of the process delivered right to your doorstep. 

We give you the flexibility of choosing the types of cuisine, the number of meals and number of people you want to cook for. Once you submit your order our chefs gather and prepare all the ingredients you need, and every meal comes with an easy-to-follow recipe card with nutritional information. 

So, what are you waiting for ? Order now and start cooking like a professional chef.

Our recipes are simple and our boxes contain quality ingredients, to give you a balanced diet with minimum effort, for joyful cooking after a long hard day.

Receive a box full once a week at your doorstep and enjoy delightful meals every evening of the week.

Our Commitment to Food Safety

Every week, we provide you, our home cooks, with fresh ingredients and recipes to enjoy delicious meals at home. Ensuring that our customers are receiving high quality, fresh ingredients that are safe to eat is and always will be our highest priority. 

We have a comprehensive food safety program in place which is designed to ensure that food safety controls are effectively applied at every step of our supply chain, from the farm to your fork.

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