Great Ingredients.

Great recipes delivered.

Fresh ingredients, great recipes delivered weekly to your home Subscriptions starting at AED 22.5 per meal

Cosimo Danese

Great packing and recipes....great food selection, but also educating the customer on healthy food

Nariba Gittens

Everyone I know loves the pesto. Very accommodating and brilliant customer service too. Highly recommended!

Anne Coulon

The delivery is reliable, the recipes are interesting and very tasty, the ingredients are of good quality and the management is helpful and extremely responsive.

Thierry Manrique

First meal with Let’s Cook. Enjoyed the quality of ingredients - especially the beef patty

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Whats in the Box?

 High Quality Ingredients

 4 - 5 Recipes

 Exact Quantities

 For 1 to 6 people


You get top quality ingredients.


You get a variety of cuisines curated by our international chefs


You get a weekly deliveries at your doorstep

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